Real Estate Marketing

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Marketing is essential to support a Realtors® prospecting efforts. Step Ahead Training Academy’s™ REM courses provide the knowledge and know how needed to be a top marketer in real estate.

The student will:

  • Understand basic and advanced real estate marketing concepts
  • Learn how to successfully farm in real estate
  • Learn how to advertise for success
  • Learn how to track and measure ROI
  • Learn how to find free and low cost marketing initiatives
  • Learn how to use My Town Gurus turnkey system for a complete marketing solution
  • REM 101 - Farming for Real Estate Agents
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  • REM 102 - Advertising for Agents
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  • REM 103 - Advanced Farming
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  • REM 104 - My Town Gurus Marketing Success
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NOTE: You have to pass these courses before you can enroll this course.

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