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My Town Gurus is a Realtor centric exclusive website and social media system that allows one real estate agent to stand out in the crowd by being named the Official Town Guru for their city.

As the official Town Guru, you will be known as the expert in the town that you represent. Buyers and sellers will look to you as the official Realtor® of your town.

My Town Gurus provides their experts with more leads than other systems for three important reasons. Number one, exclusivity. As a town Guru, you are the only professional named to the city that you select. This exclusivity distinguishes you as THE expert for your town. Number two, the power of focus. Most Realtors® target too broad of an area and spend too much money just to get lost in the crowd. The My Town Gurus system focuses on only one town and allows you to stand out from the crowd as the premier professional in that town generating more leads. Number three, marketing. Our integrated marketing system uses the power of traditional, new media, and social media marketing to ensure that you are positioned as the local expert and known by the residents in your town as the best person to go to for all of their real estate needs.

In addition to the best marketing system in the industry, My Town Gurus includes free enrollment into the Step Ahead Training Academy. Step Ahead Training offers new and seasoned Realtors the opportunity to learn and apply the skills needed to earn a six figure income in real estate. Train on your schedule as this 48 course program includes live trainings and webinars so that you can train on your schedule. Need help or some motivation? Join the My Town Gurus daily call for tips, training, advice, and more.

The My Town Gurus marketing system is a complete turnkey program that allows a real estate agent to be recognized as the expert of the city or town that they represent.

Key Benefits:

  • Town Exclusivity – only one agent will be named per city
    • Creates Brand Awareness as the Guru is portrayed as the expert in their town differentiating them from the competition
    • Only the Guru’s listings can be featured on this webpage and social media pages
  • Lead Generation System
    • Get more leads delivered to your inbox from My Town Gurus proprietary marketing program
    • The Guru gets all leads from their town
  • Marketing System
    • Reinforced Marketing = More Leads, Clients, and Business
    • Traditional Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
  • Step Ahead Training Academy
    • Learn what top Realtors® do each day and become a top Realtor® in your market
    • Enrollment in our 48 course educational program designed to teach the skills needed to be a top agent

Additional Benefits:

  • Beautiful Community Webpage
  • Blog
  • Exclusive Facebook page
  • Social media advertising and promotion
  • Content Management
  • MLS Search using IDX
  • Featured Listings
  • Proprietary Lead Generation System
  • Traditional Marketing Materials
  • Promo Items
  • Step Ahead Training Academy
  • Town Intro Video featuring the Realtor as the Guru
  • Press Releases
  • Network Promotion and Advertising
  • SEO Advantage
  • Website and Social Media page promotion through tradition, digital, and social media marketing on thousands of websites using proprietary strategies to target buyers and sellers to visit your webpage.
  • My Town Gurus “Honoring Our Heroes Program” to target military, first responders, and educators.
  • National Referral Network

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