Technology and Social Media Success

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Technology has changed the way the real estate industry does business. New and seasoned Realtors® need a plan to use technology and social media marketing to be successful. Step Ahead Training Academy’s™ TSM courses provide the Realtor® with the knowledge and practical steps to be a leader in online lead generation.

The learner will:

  • Understand the importance of technology including the internet, smart phones, tablets, social media, and web based marketing
  • Understand the basics of technology and how to use it for success
  • The power of blogging for increased leads and sales
  • How to use a website and social media to set yourself apart from the competition and close more sales
  • The art of self promotion and how to use technology and My Town Gurus to set yourself apart from your competition
  • TSM 101 - Technology Basics
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  • TSM 102 - Real Estate Blogging
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  • TSM 103 - Social Media Marketing
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  • TSM 104 - The Art of Self Promotion
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