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Welcome to My Town Gurus “Scene” page for your town! This page was made for you by your Official Town Guru. We encourage you to share everything going on in town, old pictures, information about your local business, what is going on in our schools, lunch and dinner specials, restaurant reviews, and more. This page was created for you! Invite your friends, share your posts, and get involved with your community!

As always, if you need local tips or are looking to buy or sell a home, give your Guru a call! #GuruApproved #InYourTown #MyTownGurus #Community

Looking to know more about what is happening in your community? MyTownGurus.com is your solution. From local events, reviews, recipes, homeowner tips, and more, My Town Gurus has you covered. The Official Real Estate Town Guru for your town has been selected because they know your town better than anyone else. Looking to buy or sell? Choose your Official Town Guru by going to MyTownGurus.com and finding your town or call 609-412-7235. No one knows everything happening in your town like the Town Guru!

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